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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Who Can Benefit from ABA?

While the Surgeon General and FDA recognize ABA services for children with autism, ABA can benefit any person of any age who struggles to develop socially appropriate behaviors.

What ABA Services does Theraplay Provide?

  • Evaluation by experienced professionals holding state and national credentials
  • Individualized program development through team approach
  • Evidence and research-based interventions
  • Multi-tiered implementation of support services
  • 1:1 services or small group instruction
  • Review of data collection and graphs to adjust interventions as needed
  • Parent, school and caregiver training
  • Ongoing supervision and training to all ABA employees
  • Generalization of interventions to relate to multiple environments

How to Access ABA Services?

To access the ABA services delivered by Theraplay contact your local school district or intermediate unit and request Theraplay as your provider.

Where is ABA Implemented?

ABA can be implemented in any number of settings, including:

  • Home: Services at home can help teach play skills, interaction with siblings, chores, meal time, bathroom routines, bedtime routines and homework.
  • School: School services work on engagement in activities, following a schedule, interacting with peers, following directions, school routines like unpacking and packing up and academic supplement.
  • Work: Teaches functional, on the job skills (i.e. filing, inputting data, stocking shelves, managing a cash register, other vocational skills).
  • Community: Demonstrates community based skills (i.e. ordering food at a restaurant, waiting for food, waiting in a checkout line, exchanging money to purchase items, shopping off a list, crossing the street).

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