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Feeding Therapy

Common Diagnoses Treated In Feeding Therapy*

  • Total or Partial Food Refusal
  • Food Selectivity/Limited Variety
  • Texture Selectivity
  • Dysphagia (Swallowing Disorder)
  • Vomiting (Reflux, Other)
  • Self-Feeding Deficits
  • Oral Motor Delays/Coordination Deficits
  • Sensory Issues (Hyper/Hyposensitivity)
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Lack of Postural Stability And Body Control
  • Limited Volume (Amount of Liquid or Food That Can Be Taken In)
  • Inability To Manipulate Food or Liquid Safely (Coughing, Choking)
  • Difficulty Chewing/Excessive Food Stuffing In Mouth
  • Failure To Thrive/Lack of Adequate Weight Gain
  • Structural Problems (Mouth or Digestive System)
  • Medical Problems (Respiratory Issues or Difficulties, Vocal Cord Paralysis, etc.)
  • Transition from Tube Feedings to Feeding by Mouth
  • zA Combination of Any/All of The Above

*May include additional diagnoses. Please contact us for specific questions.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment

A feeding evaluation with a Theraplay occupational or speech therapist may include the following:

  • Detailed History-Medical, Feeding and Developmental
  • Related Body Functions Examination
  • Observation of Posture While Feeding
  • Oral Motor Examination
  • Oral Motor Awareness to Tastes and Textures
  • Swallow Function
  • Play Skills Observation
  • Feeding Observation with Parent/Caregiver
  • Clinical Observation
  • Functional Outcome Measures

Feeding Therapy Treatment Strategies

  • Oral Motor Awareness
  • Strengthening of Oral Motor Structures
  • Coordination of Suck-Swallow, Bite-Chew-Swallow
  • Food Exploration and Tolerance
  • Sensory Based Feeding Activities
  • Graded Approach
  • Self Feeding Skills Training
  • Parent/Caregiver Education
  • Play Activities
  • Behavioral Techniques
  • Home Exercise/Feeding Program
  • Postural Control and Alignment
  • Modeling
  • Visual, Verbal and Physical Cuing
  • Sara Rosenfeld Johnson Oral Motor & Feeding Program


“My son literally squeals in delight when he gets to the entrance of Theraplay. We especially love Mary Rita and Marissa who are the two PTs that he usually sees. They seem like they really care about him and have always handled our questions with grace and positivity. We also see Elisabeth for feeding and she has helped us to make terrific progress in that area. I want to pass on my kudos for the whole group!”

– JD


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