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Outpatient FAQ

How Long are the Therapy Treatment Sessions?

All of our therapy sessions and evaluations last up to one hour.

Do I Need a Prescription or Referral for Therapy, and What is the Difference?

Yes, prescriptions are needed for all therapies. A referral is what your insurance may require to authorize therapy. A prescription is required by the state for therapy service to be initiated, as well required by medical insurance to see that a physician is ordering therapy for your child. At Theraplay, we always require a prescription from your physician; a referral is only required if your insurance requires one.

How Much Will Therapy Services Cost Me?

Individual costs will vary based on insurance plans and benefit coverage. You will need to contact your insurance company directly, and inquire as to your specific outpatient therapy benefits and costs prior to coming to Theraplay.

What Insurances Do You Accept?

A complete list of the insurances accepted at our centers is available on the Getting Started page of the website.

What Ages and Diagnoses Do You Treat?

We treat children from birth to 21 years of age. Our therapists treat developmental delays, birth injuries, sports injuries, feeding difficulties, as well as many other pediatric diagnoses.

Does My Child Always See the Same Therapist?

Theraplay’s treatment model is very unique – we utilize a team approach to make scheduling appointments more convenient and allow for optimal progress for your child, as well as generalization of their skills achievement that results from adjusting to multiple therapist approaches and treatment styles.

What are the Credentials of Your Therapists?

All of our therapists are licensed and have a master’s or doctorate degree in their respective disciplines. Many therapists have specialty training and credentials, and bios on each therapist are kept in the waiting rooms of our centers.

Do You Have Set Appointment Times?

Each family schedules their appointments with our front desk, and you are permitted to schedule up to 30 days in advance, within your insurance authorization. However, we do not reserve set appointment times for children.

What is Your Cancellation / No-Show Policy

We require 24 hours’ notice for all cancellations. We recognize that children get sick and that schedules are busy, however, we are blocking out a full hour of 1-on-1 therapist time for your child. In the event you cannot keep an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, there will be a fee for all cancellations or no-shows.

Do I Have to Pay My Copay / Coinsurance Every Time? Can I be Billed For My Copay?

If you have a copay / coinsurance for services, your insurance applies that copay to each and every visit, and that copay is due and expected at the time of every visit. Copays cannot be billed to families.

Can I Bring My Other Children?

Your children are welcome at Theraplay, however, they are required to be under your supervision at all times. Since we encourage you to be an active participant in your child’s care, only you know if this is possible while your other children are present. Often, siblings will need to remain in the waiting room during therapy to prevent distraction for your child and other patients during therapy.

Am I Required to Remain With My Child During the Entire Therapy Session?

We encourage caregivers to be active participants in their child’s therapy program, however, many children do better when caregivers are not present the entire time. Some caregivers prefer to wait in the waiting room, or even run errands during therapy sessions. We do require that all caregivers return to therapy at least 15 minutes prior to the end of the session so that there is time to review what was worked on and any home activities the therapist has planned.

Early Intervention FAQ

How Does It Start?

The parent or caregiver contacts their local county Early Intervention office or statewide toll free number at CONNECT 1-800-692-7288. You will be assigned a service coordinator who will contact you regarding your concerns and schedule a home visit. They may start with a screening of your child’s development and skills to determine if an evaluation is needed. You may ask for an evaluation at any time during this process.

How Does My Child Qualify for Infant Toddler Early Intervention Services?

Early Intervention-Infant/Toddler is a program governed by a federal law called, “The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part C of IDEA”. Early Intervention-Infant/Toddler services are sometimes referred to as Part C. Each state has their own eligibility standards to be able to receive early intervention services. Your child will receive an evaluation at your request by early intervention staff to learn more about your child’s strengths and developmental needs. Pennsylvania requires that infants and toddlers:

  • Demonstrate a 25% delay or 1.5 standard deviation below the mean in one or more developmental areas, OR
  • The early intervention specialist determines that there is a delay even though it doesn't show up on the assessments (this is called informed clinical opinion) OR
  • The infant or toddler has an established condition with a high probability of delay

When Will I Find Out If My Child Is Eligible For Early Intervention?

The County early intervention service coordinator assigned to you will contact you. The County has up to 45 days to complete the evaluation and initiate services. An initial team will perform an evaluation and determine eligibility.

What Happens Next?

If your infant or toddler is deemed eligible for early intervention services, your early intervention team will meet with you to develop a written plan to best meet your infant or toddler’s individual needs. The early intervention team including, parents determine routine based outcomes and strategies for the individual family support plan (IFSP) and services to support this plan.

Where Do Services Occur?

Services occur in your infant or toddlers natural environments and must support your family’s individual needs. They can take place in your home, a child care center, a family member’s home, or in the community.

Am I Required To Stay During My Child’s Early Intervention Session?

Yes, a parent or an adult caregiver must be present and involved in each of your child’s early intervention sessions. If you or an adult caregiver is not present, you and your child will not receive early intervention services.

Do I Have To Pay For Early Intervention Services?

In Pennsylvania, the early intervention evaluation and services are free.

What If I Still Have Concerns and Do Not Agree With the Plan Or Decision for Eligibility?

First discuss your concerns and disagreements with your local early intervention program supervisor. If you have continued concerns, contact the Office of Child Development and Early Learning at 717-346-9320 to discuss your issues and/or file a complaint or contact the Pennsylvania Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR) at 800-222-3353 for the assistance of a trained mediator to help solve your disagreement.

What Is OCDEL?

The Pennsylvania State Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) administers the Commonwealth’s Early Intervention Program for eligible infants, toddlers and preschoolers through a partnership between the Departments of Education (PDE) and Human Services (DHS).


“Prompt appointment availability! Great communication from Theraplay staff. Wonderful and inviting atmosphere. Insurance information was explained in excellent detail. My son transferred from the Bucks County IU and thoroughly enjoys coming. The locations and appointments are convenient and the atmosphere is extremely stress-free.”

– CZ


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