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Getting Started with Early Intervention Getting Started with Early Intervention Getting Started with Early Intervention Getting Started with Early Intervention

Early Intervention

How to Find Your Local Early Intervention Program

  • In Pennsylvania, you can contact the CONNECT Helpline at the statewide toll free number 1-800-692-7288. The CONNECT Helpline assists families in locating their local Early Intervention Infant-Toddler County Office or Intermediate Unit, local and State resources and providing information regarding child development for children ages birth to age of beginner (in PA-first grade).
  • Once you have connected with your local County Early Intervention Office, a service coordinator will be contacting you to discuss your concerns.
  • Outside of Pennsylvania, contact your individual state’s department of human services or education.

Family Guidelines for Early Intervention

  • Early intervention provides supports and services to your family so that you may help your child grow and develop. We emphasize teaching and learning within your family’s daily activities, both inside and outside your home. Together with your early intervention team, you have identified your child’s strengths and those areas of development that you request further training and education. You and your early interventionist(s) will identify what routines/activities are challenging for you, based on the areas of development that your child needs to be working on.
  • Family members/caregivers will actively participate, in a chosen routine or activity with early intervention team members, during every home visit. Your home visitor will be coaching, training and modeling for you. Suggestions for participation are developed with family members and caregivers to ensure the program’s success in each unique family environment.
  • It is expected that you be present for the entire session. You may not leave your house for any reason during the home visit. If you do, and there is no other adult or caregiver of at least 18 years of age present, your home visitor must leave immediately and the early intervention session will end.
  • At the end of each visit, you or the adult present will need to sign the early intervention session summary sheet. This note is used to document your child’s progress and any feedback, questions or concerns that you may have. You will keep a copy of the note which may be a helpful way to communicate with other important people in your child’s life (relatives, daycare staff, other home visitors, etc.).
  • Your service coordinator is your single point of contact for monitoring of your child’s early intervention services. Please contact your service coordinator if you have any questions, concerns or if you are requesting changes to your child’s program.
  • Your home visits will be regularly scheduled. They will be scheduled according to the number of visits listed on your IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan).
  • We request 24 hours of notice for cancellations whenever possible. You have expressed the need for assistance, in maximizing your child’s development, as described in the IFSP. We ask that to the best of your ability you keep scheduled appointments so that your family can benefit from consistent services. Consecutive missed visits may result in the cancellation of services.
  • Most early intervention visits are one hour in duration. During that time, there is communication between you and the home visitor, activity time, and documentation of the visit.
  • In case of weather emergencies, team members will notify you when a visit needs to be cancelled. Please notify them if conditions are hazardous in your area.
Theraplay strives to provide a healthy and safe environment for the children and families we provide service to. Our early interventionists visit many homes and locations in the community. In an effort to keep children, families and staff healthy, our health practices include:
  • Cancellation of sessions, by calling your home visitor(s) when your child is sick or anyone in the family has an infectious disease.
  • When your early interventionist is not well, they will call to cancel their scheduled visit. When their schedule allows, they will offer you a time to reschedule.
  • Families will be notified of infectious diseases contracted by early interventionist.
  • Early interventionists will use appropriate hand washing procedures upon arrival, prior to and after oral motor activities, or as needed.
  • Health appraisals are required for all early interventionists.
  • When it is necessary for staff to bring toys into the home, they will be cleaned in accordance with Theraplay’s Policies and Procedures.
Our early interventionist will NOT be able to see your child if he/she shows signs of illness as outlined below:
  • Fever (must be fever free without ibuprofen or Tylenol for 24 hours to return to program services)
  • Diarrhea or vomiting (must be symptom free for at least 24 hours)
  • Sore throat and/or swollen glands
  • Lethargy or weakness, no appetite, or irritability
  • Untreated rash or skin infection, such as ringworm, scabies, etc.
  • Impetigo or conjunctivitis (i.e. pink eye)
  • Contagious illnesses such as chicken pox, measles and pinworm
  • Head lice
This policy is for the benefit and protection of all children, families, and staff.
We ask that families and caregivers respect our staff members’ privacy when using social media. At Theraplay, we strive to maintain your child’s and family’s confidentiality at all times, including social media. We encourage you to “like” Theraplay’s Facebook page to keep up to date on Theraplay news and events rather than connecting with staff through personal social media sites. Our staff are prohibited from “friending” any current patients and their families.

At Theraplay Inc, we promote and support all families in providing a healthy and safe environment for their children. All staff members of Theraplay Inc. are required by law to report suspicions of child abuse. If unusual marks are found on a child or if a child shares suspicious information with a staff member, the child’s guardian will be questioned for further explanation. If abuse or neglect is suspected, Theraplay is obligated by law to report their suspicion to the proper authorities.

For State and County Early Intervention Offices

Please contact Theraplay’s Contract Services Department at 484-787-2266 for information on how we can assist you in the provision of early intervention services in your area.

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