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October 2014, West Chester, PA. Theraplay, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Concussion Rehabilitation Program to serve the increasing numbers of local youth who suffer mild-to-severe concussion injuries. Theraplay’s unique program provides a multi-disciplinary approach with individualized treatment for each patient. The goal is safe and effective return to day-to-day activities, including school and sports. The company’s therapists collaborate with parents, medical professionals and when appropriate, with coaches, trainers and educators to aid in recovery to baseline functioning.

The program includes an educational component with professional in-service options and community workshops. The seminars focus on identifying concussion symptoms and explaining the basics of proper rehabilitation.

“We’re seeing a lot of kids who are injured in club sports,” says Steve Mackell, Theraplay’s Chief Operating Officer, who holds a master’s degree in Sports Medicine and is a certified athletic trainer. “Schools do a good job of managing their athletes’ concussions, but sometimes a student is injured at home or while playing. That’s why it’s important for adults to know what to look for, and what can be done to help.”

Recovery from a brain injury can take several weeks, with lingering effects sometimes present for months. Theraplay’s new Concussion Rehabilitation Program manages the process by evaluating and treating cognitive, physical and vestibular concerns using current, research-based methods.

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