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Visiting Santa Claus is a right of passage for many children, and something to look forward to every holiday season. However, there is a large group of children that is unable to visit Santa for a number of reasons – they could have physical limitations that would prevent them from going to a mall or shopping center to see him; they could have anxiety about being in large crowds or meeting the man himself.


Whatever the reasons are, Theraplay’s therapists wanted to do everything they could to allow as many children as possible to experience the joy of meeting Santa. The physical, occupational and speech therapists and front desk staff at Theraplay’s East Norriton center volunteered their time to organize and run a “Sensory Friendly Santa” event at their office. This let children approach Santa at their own pace, talk and interact with him, their families and siblings for up to 10 minutes; giving each child enough time to get comfortable enough to get what was for many their first ever photo with Santa.


Says one mother who attended the event: “What a magical moment for our son to have some time to talk to Santa and approach him at his own pace!”

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