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Community Events

Family Appreciation Days at Theraplay Doylestown

August 9th and 11th

Theraplay Doylestown wants to thank our patients, families, and community partners for being the best! Join us for refreshments, giveaways and raffles!

Theraplay Visits the Annual Peach Festival in Middletown, DE

August 20th

We hope to see you there!


Mommy & Me Tummy Time Group

August and September dates

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Join us for a free mommy & me tummy time group! Practice exercises for both you and your baby, meet new parents, learn about developmental milestones, and take home lots of helpful information!

Education Event: Where Do I Start? Wheelchair Positioning for the Complex Child

September 10th, 2022 1-3pm

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This course will discuss the challenges encountered when determining optimal seating for a variety of pediatric clients.
Participants will learn how to analyze posture, range of motion, tone and reflex activity, as they relate to wheelchair
positioning. Participants will understand the different components of a seating system and how they can be used
individually or combined, to facilitate a child’s ability to access their school environment.

Education Event: Trauma, COVID, and Child Language Development

September 18th, 2022 - 9AM

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Children with trauma histories have difficulty in all language domains but particularly in social pragmatic communication, which consists of interdependent relationships among pragmatics, social cognition, executive functions, and emotional, self and sensory regulation. This four-hour presentation will include information on the various causes of complex trauma, the impact it has on brain development and functioning, and a discussion on the consequences of complex trauma on language acquisition and communication abilities. The course will also include how COVID and the current health crises in the US may be affecting families and children with histories of trauma exposure. The concept Trauma-Informed Practice from the perspective of speech, language, and hearing sciences will be introduced.

Continuing Education - Self Studies

• Skill Building and Feeding Success from Infancy Through Early Childhood: click here to register

• Holistic Treatment of Complex Feeding Difficulties in Children: click here to register

• Evaluation of Complex Feeding Difficulties in Children: click here to register

• Overuse Injuries in the Pediatric Population and Return to Sport Protocols: click here to register

• Clinical Supervisory Training, Embrace, Engage, Nurture, Communicate, Guide: click here to register

• Goal Attainment Starts with SMART Goals and Good Data Collection: click here to register

• Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia: click here to register

• Idiopathic Toe Walking: An In-Depth Discussion: click here to register

• Practical Behavior Management for Pediatric Therapists: click here to register

• Introduction to the Assessment, Selection and Treatment for AAC: click here to register

• Disability Has No Look: Putting a Spotlight on the Spectrum: click here to register

• Becoming an Occupational Therapy Mentor: click here to register

• Functional Goal Setting for Autistic Learners: click here to register

• Children's Mental Health: What We Know and Expect in a Post-Pandemic World: click here to register

• Emotional Regulation: Guiding Children to Build Connections: click here to register



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