Our Services

Children learn and grow best through play experiences; therefore, Theraplay, Inc. provides all therapy services in a play environment.

Outpatient Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy improves fine motor, visual perception, and cognitive skills through purposeful everyday activities. Areas addressed include hand skills, sensory function, eating…

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy addresses the development of gross motor skills, strength and balance. Physical therapy rehabilitates musculoskeletal deficits occurring with physical…

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Speech/Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy addresses communication needs, working on language comprehension and pronunciation skills. Alternative communication…

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Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention is a collection of services and supports designed to help families enhance their child’s development. Early intervention builds upon the natural learning that occurs in the first few years.

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School and Contract Services

Theraplay, Inc. has been providing schools with highly qualified professionals since 1991. Our goal is to meet the needs of your students. Every student receives appropriate evaluations that properly…

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